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Recent Incidents

  • Energy problems

    Resolved in 15 minutes
    Affected Service: Server Boxberg 01 February 08, Sat

    Our main server was impacted by a energy blackout caused by a fail of our internal infrastructure starting at about 12:00 UTC.
    We were able to solve the problems about a hour later.
    Most services should be up and running again,however our blogs aren't willing to start.
    We're working on fixing this problem as soon as possible.

    13:32, Feb 08 UTC

    The problems with the blogs are solved,everything is up and running again.

    13:47, Feb 08 UTC
  • Connectivity issues

    Resolved in 10 hours
    Affected Service: Server Boxberg 01 May 03, Fri

    Unluckily we're currently having network issues at our main server.
    All our websites and webservices are affected,only static files may still works thanks to Cloudflares caching.
    We don't know when it will be fixed and there's nothing we can do about it.
    Sorry for the bad news but it looks like we all just need to wait and trink a cup of coffee.

    12:15, May 03 UTC

    After twelve hours of downtime this problem is finally solved.
    We're very sorry for the outage.

    23:06, May 03 UTC
  • Connectivity issues

    Resolved in 22 hours
    Affected Service: Server Boxberg 01 March 27, Tue

    We're currently having big network problems with our server in Boxberg, Germany.
    You may experience slower load times but everything should continue working well.
    We can't do anything against that problem but we hope that everything will recover soon.

    13:32, Mar 26 UTC

    The network seems to have stabilized.
    We don't expect any further outages because of that.

    11:45, Mar 27 UTC
  • Maintenance works

    Resolved in 2 days
    Affected Service: Server Boxberg 01 Content Delivery Network February 14, Wed

    We've expected big software problems with one of our servers.
    We will try to get everything running fine again.
    That means that we have to try some solutions which will cause the working services of this server to fail for short periods of time.
    We try to keep the downtime as short as possible.
    The most used files of the CDN should be cached by CloudFlare and continue to work while fewer needed files will be unavailable during parts of our maintenance.

    15:16, Feb 12 UTC

    We installed some updates and restarted the whole server as well as some services.
    It looks solved for now but we don't know if it keeps working.
    We'll have a look at it in the next hours and deactivate the warning here if nothing bad happens in the meantime.

    16:04, Feb 12 UTC

    There wasn't any further outage within the last two days.
    We think the service has fully recovered and do not expect new problems,

    15:54, Feb 14 UTC
  • Domain problems

    Resolved in 1 day
    Affected Service: Server Frankfurt 01 Server Boxberg 01 Content Delivery Network December 20, Wed

    We forgot to renew our most important domain.
    This means that nearly everything is currently offline and redirects to the home page of Freenom,our registrar.
    We already bought the domain again and expect the problem to be solved tomorrow.
    You can't do anything else than waiting now.

    20:19, Dec 18 UTC

    Unfortunately the people at Freenom haven't seen yet that we already transferred the money for the domain at the morning. We hope that this will be fixed tomorrow but let's be serious... We can't do anything about that now. We can only wait for the domain becoming available again.

    18:12, Dec 19 UTC

    The problem is fixed now. Freenom gave us the domain back and everything should work as before. We will try hard to prevent such an issue from happening again. Sorry for the long outage.

    13:53, Dec 20 UTC
  • Database down,webserver unstable

    Resolved in 8 hours
    Affected Service: Server Frankfurt 01 August 23, Wed

    Starting at today morning we have big problems with our main server.
    The database is down which means that you can't read any articles at YouFail.
    Sometimes the webserver is slow and crashes too.
    In that case YouFail and the Nikisoft page are completely down.
    We hope that the things recover soon.

    09:25, Aug 23 UTC

    We managed to get the server back to work.
    It has been online for some hours already but we wanted to monitor it a while before we remove the warning.
    You shouldn't see an error anymore.

    17:42, Aug 23 UTC
  • No incidents reported